" THE BULK " the colossal hammer game

Installation vidéo pour l'espace publique



Bulk is the combination of a giant light installation with an old traditional fairground hammer game. It mixes contemporary art with fairground art in order to create visual and sound emotions in an interactive show where the public is an actor.

The game is simple, the effect is colossal. Bulk is a flat luminous structure, that draws the power symbol in colossal version. To illuminate the structure, people have to push a big button with the help of a war hammer. The button actuation causes a light and sound sequence according to the power. The more the hit is huge the more the sequence is amazing. Vibrant color schemes and organic texture intertwine on a shattering cinematic sound design and electronic musics that makes the structure live. It’s made with projection screens stretched between scaffolding tubes, held by straps hanging on the floor. Bulk uses video mapping. Stretched canvases light up thanks to images projected by video projectors installed on the ground, connected to a computer itself connected to the big button.

This installation is interactive because it reacts only when the sensor is operated by people. The sensor measures the
force and sends a series of different videos, motion graphics and sounds more or less spectacular. The show will be animated all night by a circus artist who will play the role of the master of ceremony in his costume. He will welcome and guide participants to play.